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One Year Courses

Intermediate Latin
This class is for students who have a good grasp of Latin up to GCSE level. This course consists of 6 blocks of 6 weeks each from August to June. Whilst grammar is the bedrock of learning Latin, it is also important to see how it works in practice. Therefore, students on this course are taught how to recognise the nuances within the sources by considering the grammar and how to use the sources as evidence in other academic work.

Saturday Seminars and One & Two Day Conferences

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Aspects of Iphigenia
This seminar will explore the character of Iphigenia together with her treatment and reception by ancient and modern authors. We will carry out a close reading of the primary sources in which she features and explore the myths that would have been known to the audiences and ancient playwrights to delve deep into the actual, and the concept, of Iphigenia.
Ovid's Heriodes
Ovid brings us the unsent letters of 15 women who had no voice to rage the men who hurt, betrayed and humiliated them. This seminar will be a close reading of the letters to give the women a voice and look at the acts that caused such pain and anguish.
The Trojan Tragedy
This seminar tells the tale of the Trojan War from the women’s point of view. Drawing on literature, art and archaeology from the ancient world and the modern era we will stand side by side with the Trojan women as they stare their fate in the face.
Using Primary Sources as a Non-Linguist
In order to use an Ancient Greek or Latin source as evidence, it is vital to have a grasp of the original language. But what happens if you have never studied these languages? The best and most effective long-term action is to learn the language but, using dictionaries can be a useful second best. This seminar teaches how to navigate Ancient Greek and Latin primary source texts by using online and paper dictionaries in order to gain an understanding of how translations can be different but at the same time accurate.

Four, Six and Eight Week Short Courses

Ancient Greek for Beginners
Starting with the basics this course gradually builds into a working knowledge of Ancient Greek. This course assumes no prior experience. Please see further course details for the recommended course book.
Developing Research Ideas
This course is made up of 8 research seminars, spread over 6 months between April and September. In these seminars, participants have the opportunity to present their research to their peers and benefit from academic discussion, suggestions and support from each other. All 2022 sessions run from 7pm - 8pm on a Tuesday and the dates are: 05/04, 03/05/ 24/05, 22/06, 13/07, 26/07, 30/08, and 14/09.
Latin for Beginners
No prior knowledge or experience is needed to enjoy this course is a gentle introduction to Latin. Starting with basic Latin sentence structure and grammar, leading to the study of Latin texts to gain an insight into the world of Ancient Rome and those who lived there.
Latin for Improvers - Stage 1 - ONLINE
This course builds on ‘Latin for Beginners’ and expands the working knowledge of Latin into more complex grammar and texts. We will move onto the past and future tenses and work with a range of Latin texts from which you will learn about the life of Romans, their beliefs and politics.

Ten and Twelve Week Courses

Roman Values, Authority and Self
This course looks at the Roman Empire from the point of view of the Romans and those that were Romanised by them. It starts at Actium before moving onto Augustus and his rule. It then goes on to Pompeii, Ostia and other parts of the Empire such as Greece, Asia, Britain and Africa.

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