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On Monday 14th June
the new 6, 10 and 16 week courses will be unveiled together with the ‘back by popular demand’ Saturday Seminars. There is a host of new and exciting courses coming up for the new academic year including Latin and Ancient Greek classes for all levels; Greek and Roman Comedy; Forgotten Women of the Ancient World; Myth into Tragedy; Love and Sex in the Ancient World; Roman Law; The Rise and Fall of Athens; Ancient Greek Novels and lots more. There will also be a series of Saturday Seminars on a wide range of topics if you just fancy a few hours of fascinating discussion.

All the courses take place in Zoom and numbers are limited so book quickly so you don’t miss out! Visit our feedback page to see what former students say and come back to the site on the 14th June and browse all that we have on offer.

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Saturday Seminars and One Day Conferences

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Greek and Roman Myth - Explanation and Reason
Greek and Roman myth have much in common but remain distinctly individual. This course will look for an explanation of the myths from the point of view of the ancients by taking a contemporary approach, and consider the journey from the age of myth to the age of reason.
Understanding the place of Myth in the Ancient World
This one day conference comprises a morning and an afternoon session. These sessions build on previous classes and offer the chance to break down the social and political structures of Greece and Rome that influenced, manipulated and created myths, and cults, that changed the face of the Ancient World.

Four and Six Week Short Courses

Academic Practice
This course is intended to teach students the academic practices required for study at undergraduate and postgraduate level with particular reference to Classical and Archaeological Studies.
Ancient Greek for Beginners
Starting with the basics this course gradually builds into a working knowledge of Ancient Greek. This course assumes no prior experience. Please see further course details for the recommended course book.
Forgotten Women of the Ancient World
This course looks at the lives of extraordinary women such at Atalanta who sailed to Colchis on the Argo and joined the hunt for the Calledonian Boar. Artemisia who was ignored by Xerxes when she told him not to fight the Greeks at sea but followed him into battle with five ships under her sole command. Tomyris, Queen of the Massagetae who waged war against King Cyrus of Persia and won. The list is endless. This new and exciting course will give participants a completely new outlook on the Ancient World.
Latin for Beginners
No prior knowledge or experience is needed to enjoy this course is a gentle introduction to Latin. Starting with basic Latin sentence structure and grammar, leading to the study of Latin texts to gain an insight into the world of Ancient Rome and those who lived there.
Latin for Improvers - Stage 1 - ONLINE
This course builds on ‘Latin for Beginners’ and expands the working knowledge of Latin into more complex grammar and texts. We will move onto the past and future tenses and work with a range of Latin texts from which you will learn about the life of Romans, their beliefs and politics.
Online Learning - Getting the best from your online course
 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND  Online and blended teaching and learning is fast becoming the norm in Higher Education. For students, this means adapting to a new way of working and accessing a Remote Campus instead of being in contact with academic staff and fellow students in more relaxed learning spaces. This course will help both the first time online learner, and those who have already done some online learning, to navigate the online learning spaces and gets to grips with synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous (not in real time, often collaborative) learning.

Ten Week Courses

Developing Research Ideas
This course is made up of 10 research seminars, spread over 6 months between April and September. In these seminars, participants have the opportunity to present their research to their peers and benefit from academic discussion, suggestions and support from each other. All 2021 sessions run from 10am-11.30am on a Saturday and the dates are: 03/04, 01/05, 22/05, 12/06, 03/07, 10/07, 31/07, 14/08, 28/08 and 18/09.

Fourteen and Sixteen Week Courses

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