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Saturday Seminars and Single Session Tutorials

The Trojan Tragedy
This seminar tells the tale of the Trojan War from the women’s point of view. Drawing on literature, art and archaeology from the ancient world and the modern era we will stand side by side with the Trojan women as they stare their fate in the face.

Four and Six Week Short Courses

Advanced Academic Practice
This intensive 4 week programme is designed for those who wish to take their academic writing to the advanced standard required at Masters' level. Practical sessions on scholarly writing will include syntax, synthesis, and style. Research methods, close reading of written and material evidence, methodologies and using theory is also included. Candidates’ level of grammar and punctuation will be individually reviewed.
Ancient Greek for Beginners
Starting with the basics this course gradually builds into a working knowledge of Ancient Greek. This course assumes no prior experience. Please see further course details for the recommended course book.
Developing Research Ideas
This course is made up of 8 research seminars, spread over 12 months between October 2022 and September 2023. Each seminar will cover particular aspects of the skills required for scholarly research and writing at postgraduate level and beyond.  As well as support and guidance from the seminar leader, there will be a peer mentoring scheme in which participants support each other, with additional group mentoring from scholars who themselves have experience of researching and writing extended assignments.  To ensure that each participant is able to get the very best from the course, places are limited.
Intermediate Latin
This course builds on ‘Latin for Beginners’ and expands the working knowledge of Latin into more complex grammar and texts. Starting with the passive and subjective tenses, picking up at the beginning of Taylor's GCSE Latin II.
Latin for Beginners
No prior knowledge or experience is needed to enjoy this course is a gentle introduction to Latin. Starting with basic Latin sentence structure and grammar, leading to the study of Latin texts to gain an insight into the world of Ancient Rome and those who lived there.

Ten and Twelve Week Courses

Greek and Roman Comedy
This course covers the comedies of Greece and Rome. The course begins by looking at Old Comedy in Ancient Greece through the works of Aristophanes before moving onto Middle Comedy with Menander. We then move onto New Comedy looking at Roman comedy through the works of Plautus and Terence, but will also consider the satires of Juvenal in order to consider if and how they fit into this genre.

Guest Lectures

On occasion, Dr Gina May is proud to present guest lectures from notable classicists and specialists through our system. Please select “Classes & Services” and “Guest Lectures” from the menu bar at the top of this page for further details.

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