Advanced Academic Practice

This course teaches students the academic practices required for study at postgraduate level including developing an argument, syntax and referencing.  Consideration is also given to dealing with theoretical approaches, research methodologies and advanced academic writing.

The course will help you to develop the skill of selective reading; analyse the usefulness of secondary sources and understand the issues surrounding different translations of the texts. It will also assist with recognising the themes and genres of Classical Literature and Ancient History together with methods of historical interpretation. It will assist participants in developing an understanding of the appropriate and diverse range of primary and secondary materials and appropriate methods of interpretation. The ultimate aim is for students to be able to develop  academic practice skills in order to make written expositions with structured and coherent arguments according to accepted academic conventions. 

Participants will be asked to produce short pieces of work as practice and the feedback will inform additional fundamentals of the course. Material will not be generic, but bespoke, and will respond to the object and purpose of the participants’ writing.

In order each candidate gets the best from the course, only 6 spaces are available per presentation. Further courses will run at later dates.

Advanced Academic Practice
This intensive 4 week programme is designed for those who wish to take their academic writing to the advanced standard required at Masters' level. Practical sessions on scholarly writing will include syntax, synthesis, and style. Research methods, close reading of written and material evidence, methodologies and using theory is also included. Candidates’ level of grammar and punctuation will be individually reviewed.
Price: £150.00

For more information and to book go to:, email, call Gina on 07873-561560