Reviews and Feedback

Roman Coins Uncovered – Presented April 2020 (Online)

Your seminar was an intriguing wander through an under appreciated resource.  Such a pity we could not all gather round your table to see the real thing, but then we might have all been too excitable to listen properly!  Your groups are always fun along with the excellent tuition.

Tavistock, UK

Quarantine Classics – “Mythos” by Stephen Fry – 30th March 2020 (Online)

Really enjoyed the reading group yesterday, I enjoyed reading a book as a child about Greek and Roman Myths. Then in my twenties I remember trying to plough through a book on Greek history, I can’t recall the title and author but it was rather “high and dry”. (In Mythos) Fry seems to make it come alive.


Developing Research Ideas – First Session March 2020 (Online)

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting in on Gina’s latest course which was thoroughly enjoyable. For those who don’t know her I would say she is one of the most knowledgeable, inspiring, helpful and engaging tutors I have known. Those who do know her will undoubtably agree. The course is Developing Research Ideas and is aimed at dissertations and onward PhDs (although I believe there is something for everyone in there). To say it is comprehensive, running as it does over 10 weeks, is an understatement and is a fabulous tool to either help in the selection of a topic but also the development of ideas and sources.

Hertfordshire, UK


The research seminar yesterday was really interesting and pulled me out of the black hole I was in, I was close to giving up. I feel inspired now. It was exactly what I needed to kick start my studies again. The new presentation starts on 13th April.  If I were you I would grab a place now while you still can!

Herfordshire, UK


It was good to meet the group yesterday and generous of the mentors to lend support.  Clearly that feeling of isolation which has gone along with my previous OU studies will no longer be an issue.

Kent, UK


It is true that my knowledge of reception is perhaps limited but the confidence that Dr May exudes allows a comfortable and easy transition into this wonderful world of plays and their authors, and what made them write the plays the way they did and why. Once again thank you for today. Can’t wait for the next one…!!!

Hertfordshire, UK

Advanced Academic Practice – Presented February 2020 (Online)

I’ve just completed Gina’s 6 week Advanced Academic Practise course and, like her other courses, it was excellent. Gina breaks down the subject and provides clear, logical steps to encourage participants to produce their best academic and professional work, honing and expanding on the skills taught in her Academic Practise module. The course is suitable for students at all levels – on the presentation I was on there were undergrad (BA) and post grad (MA and PHD) students/scholars.  I have seen a vast improvement in the way that I approach my studies and present my work, and this is reflected in my tutor’s feedback. So thank you so much, Gina, for another superb course. I shall be singing about it to anyone who will listen!

Glasgow, UK


Just a note to say thanks for the advanced academic practice sessions, they were soo helpful!!
I always over -think, over – read and note take to ridiculous lengths, so the systematic approaches you advocate will really help me in the future. I’m determined to put the techniques into practice for my EMA/ the future.

Newcastle, UK

Greek and Roman Comedy – Ongoing February to May – 2020 (Online)

What a fabulous introduction to Aristophanes and Ancient Comedy. I have come away from the first class feeling really knowledgeable and can’t wait for next week when we look at mythic novelty. Thank you so much Gina – brilliant – just like all your classes!

Hertfordshire, UK


Of late I have been entirely consumed by the genius of Dr.May, who has tirelessly involved me in most activities that are on offer on this website. I have done almost all of her courses, including private Ancient Greek classes.   Every single lesson I have attended has been excellent and today was no exception. I was invited to act as one of the mentors on the Developing Research Ideas Course.   Dr May is again so generously sharing her erudition, wisdom and sagacity,  making students into scholars and inspiring those who had lost their way.  This course is outstanding and the quality of the materials and guidance unsurpassed.  If you are doing any kind of research, at whatever level, this is one course that should not be missed.  I’m back to being excited about pursuing the idea of a PhD.  Thank you Gina!

Hertfordshire, UK


I thought your redefinition of intertextuality was much more nuanced than the one we are usually given I think it would allow a much more detailed and subtle analysis of the text and Aristophanes’ reasons for his ‘borrowings’ and what he was trying to convey on both a meta level and at an in-depth level, such as what the audience in general would understand by it but also the inner messages it would convey to the cognoscenti and to the political/ruling classes. Thank you.

Hampshire, UK

Myth and the Philosophers – Saturday Afternoon Seminar Presented February 2020 (Online)

Thank you Gina for a most stimulating afternoon. I also so much enjoyed the sharing of ideas with the others.

Tavistock, UK

Latin for Beginners – Presented January 2020 (Online)

Thanks for such an enjoyable and personable introduction to the Latin language. I feel much more confident about tackling simple translation after the six sessions, which were perfectly tailored to our needs.

Gravesend, UK

Private Tutoring Sessions – February 2020 (Online)

That was a very helpful and exciting tutorial – loved hearing you talk about Asklepios. I Look forward to next week.

– JH.
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Thank you so much for our session today, I always come away from them feeling inspired!

– K.
London, UK

Academic Practice – Presented January 2020 (Online)

Returning to academic study at postgraduate level after 25 years was daunting, but Gina’s programme has helped immensely, not only in tackling TMA’s! She has helped me to improve the way I plan and structure work, approach evidence, structure work, take notes, write with an academic voice and perhaps most importantly read with a critically analytical mind. The small group size makes it easy to ask questions and raise concerns and Gina tailors the content to address the needs of the participants. Whether you are new to academic study, want to improve the quality of your work or just want to refresh your approach, this programme would help.

– JM
Newcastle, UK


The Academic Practice course has been an invaluable source of help for my undergraduate studies. I wanted to learn how to improve my critical reading and thinking skills as well as my essay planning and writing skills and this course has certainly delivered! Gina is approachable and professional and very good at teaching her subject. I feel that I’ve gained skills that will help me in my academic career for years to come. I’m very much looking forward to the Advanced Academic Practice course too.

– AG

Ancient Greek for Beginners & Latin for Beginners – Presented January 2020 (Online)

Working with Gina has been a revelation, I did not think I would have been able to develop my language skills so quickly. She is able to inject just the right balance between support and challenge to make us reach beyond what we think we can do. The small group sessions are great, you quickly learn to relax and not to be afraid of saying I don’t know. The feeling of all being in the same boat helps! I can’t recommend Gina’s programmes highly enough.

– JM

Ancient Greek for Beginners – Presented December 2019 (Online)

I was lucky enough to be part of one of Gina’s 6-week Beginner’s Greek courses and I loved every minute of it!

As a child I fantasised about learning all the classical languages, but that never happened. As an adult, I signed up to her course on a whim, and I am so glad that I did. Her method of teaching was immersive and rapid-fire, with ample time to clear up any confusion as and when needed.  It was such a positive experience that I now do a bit Greek-to-English translation for fun when I’ve had a long day, and I am looking forward to having time to start the intermediate course. I can’t recommend Gina highly enough: if learning a classical language has been your dream, or if it is something you need to support your academic of professional goals, you definitely want to book one of her courses.

– SW
Innsbruck, Austria

Myth as Ornament – Presented December 2019 (Online)

Hi Gina,
Just wanted to say thanks for a great seminar on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
I look forward to more seminars in future!
Best wishes,
I have a passion for myth, reception and tragedy and, whilst tragedy was only one element of how manipulated myth was disseminated this course was no poorer for it. In fact, as other mediums were covered, the course substantially added to my understanding and enjoyment.
The course was relaxed, humorous, informative and inclusive with every opportunity to contribute.
Loved it.
Hertfordshire, UK

Private Tutoring Sessions – November 2019 (Online)

I cannot tell you the difference that your one to one tutoring is making.  I feel more confident in the subject and what I’m researching and so it is way more fun to do, despite the subject!
Hertfordshire, UK

Academic Practice – Presented November 2019 (Online)

Thank you so much for the Academic Practice course Gina.  I have learned so much about how to structure an essay, to research and construct an argument, how to make my writing concise and sound more academic.  I think that your course should be compulsory for anyone studying at University!!  I highly recommend it and would say that if you get a chance to do it either now or before the start of the new academic year, grab it with both hands.  You will not look back, believe me!   Could you please do an advanced Academic Practice course?  I would love to apply for a PhD in the future – maybe it could include writing a proposal and getting started on a PhD?
Susan P.
Bristol, UK

Ancient Greek for Beginners – Presented November 2019 (Online)

I’ve got to say, I was really scared about starting to learn Ancient Greek, but this course is gentle but before you know it, you are translating chunks of Greek!  I don’t know how she does it, but by then end of the first class, Gina had me translating a paragraph about Dikaiopolis of Athens and I had got the hang of the first bits of grammar. I was very excited that I could actually do it and looked forward to doing my homework!   I have gone onto Greek Improvers 1 now because I am enjoying it so much at the end of the six weeks, I didn’t want to stop.
Susan P.
Bristol, UK.

Roman Coins Uncovered – Presented November 2019 (Online)

Wonderful lecture! Can greek numismatics be done one day? Many thanks for super, v well presented lecture
Grantham, UK

Private Tutoring – Ancient Greek and Latin

Can’t believe how much I am learning! Bargain Price – you would normally pay far more than this price but it is at a heavily discounted rate for OU Students which means that I can afford to do both.  Definitely putting Greek and Latin Improvers on my Christmas list! Do you do gift vouchers?


Aspects of Asclepius in Numismatics and Literature – Presented October 2019 (online)

I have just been been in the Aspects of Asclepius saturday afternoon seminar with Dr Gina May. What an amazing and engaging session. Not only was it fun but it will be so useful for my MA in Classics that I’m studying right now. I’m very much looking forward to more saturday afternoon seminars!


Latin for Beginners – Presented July 2019 (Online)

I have just finished Gina’s beginner’s Latin course – I can’t believe how much I learned! It’s nothing like at school – it was tailored for what we wanted, that’s the brilliant thing. Gina makes sure that we got exactly what we needed from the course.  It was all focussed on being able to work with primary source texts. I have signed up for the Improver’s Latin. A bargain in terms of price – I got so much out of it, and Gina is such a good teacher and made it seem so easy! I’ve done the Ancient Greek too but I’ll do a separate review for that!

Susan B.
Bradford, UK


Hi Gina. Super, VERY interesting lecture! I never thought numismatics could be so fascinating! Loved every second of it!!
Grantham, UK

Latin for Beginners – Presented April & May 2019 (Face to Face)

Hi Gina

I cannot believe how much I learned at the Latin for Beginners class. I was a little bit nervous at first, but the way you teach it actually makes it seem really easy! I went from knowing nothing at all, to translating short paragraphs in just six weeks! Amazing! I absolutely loved it and looking forward to Latin Improvers in June.

Thank you!


Latin for Beginners – Presented February & March 2019 (Face to Face)

Dear Gina

I wanted to write to you to say what a wonderful and informative time I had on your Latin for Beginners. I couldn’t believe that by the end of the very first lesson I was able to translate some words and sentences. I think it was the way that you linked the teaching to real classics that made the difference for me – will those sailors ever stop fighting?? Thank you so much for the class and I’m really looking forward to Ancient Greek for Beginners!



I really enjoyed the Latin for Beginners course – I didn’t know anything at all when I started but by the end I knew so much!  It went at just the right pace and Gina was so encouraging and explained things so clearly!  I am excited to do Ancient Greek now, and I’ll probably do French as well.  I feel really confident in myself and can’t wait for the new courses to begin.


Ancient Greek for Beginners, Presented September 2019 (Online)

The Beginner’s Ancient Greek was amazing! Gina is such an good teacher and she made everything we did relevant to the MA for us. I know that she tailors and adapts her all her courses for the students so that we get the right things out of it. My friend, who is not a student, also did the Latin for Beginners course online ‘just for fun’ and she said the material was adapted accordingly. Ancient Greek Improvers Stage 1 is next on my list and I quite fancy the Witchcraft! And I will get another discount for booking more than one six week course at a time so what’s not to like?!

Susan B.
Bradford, UK

Art Appreciation – Courses presented online

Art and artists brought to life in an exciting course. We looked at works of art in the context of their time so that we really understood them and the artists. I have done every one of Gina’s art courses so far – being online I can do them from home – it would be a bit of a long trek to Westgate otherwise! Long may they continue!

Michael R.
Edinburgh, UK

Art Appreciation – The Renaissance, Presented February & March 2019 (Face to Face)

Hi Gina

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Art Appreciation course on Renaissance. It was so interesting and absorbing but you also made it very accessible and fun. I have learnt a lot and can’t wait for your next class on the Pre-Raphaelites in April!

Regards Rose,


Hi Gina,

If I had not attended this course I would never have known about Michelangelo’s wonderful Pieta which took him two years to sculpt from one solid slab of marble. What an achievement! Thank you so much!


Art Appreciation – The Pre-Raphaelites, Presented April & May 2019 (Face to Face)


I really enjoyed your Art Appreciation class on the Pre-Raphaelite painters. Looking at the images on your large screen meant that we could see every tiny detail of the paintings in glorious colour. I could not have imagined that I could get to know so much about the period and its artists in just six weeks. I’m so glad that I managed to get a space on the Art Appreciation – Baroque class in June! See you there!

Regards E,

World Myths – Ancient Greece, Presented February & March 2019 (Face to Face)

Hi Gina
Just to say a huge thank you for the mythology course. It was amazingly informative and enthralling from beginning to end and I felt privileged to be there. Intending to sign up for witchcraft next and greatly look forward to it.
Thanks again and best wishes.


Many thanks for the fascinating and joyous course. I enjoyed every minute and was sorry it only lasted six weeks. Fortunately there are other courses!

All good wishes,



I have just completed a six week course on Myths and Legends with Gina May. I thoroughly recommend it. I did not study Classics at school even though I went to a Grammar school so it was new to me and I found it incredibly interesting. The hour and a half seemed to go in a flash as I was so absorbed in the content. Gina is an excellent teacher and makes every week more and more interesting. As I said before I recommend it, go on give it a try you won’t regret it. I am looking forward to a further 6 weeks.




Never studied Greek myths before. Loved this course and learnt so much. I had no idea Zeus got up to so much mischief! Gina’s knowledge of this subject is truly amazing!


Witchcraft in the Ancient World, Presented April & May 2019 (Face to Face)

I have just finished the Ancient Witchcraft course and it was absolutely brilliant. So interesting and informative. I loved this as much as I loved the Myth class. Looking forward to Philosophy in June. Please can you do more courses on the Ancient World?

I did the Ancient Witchcraft face to face in Westgate earlier this year and loved it! Lots of images and explanations of magic and curses.  Gina makes it so exciting! I’m looking forward to doing something else early next year.
Barbara S.
Herne Bay

Reading for Pleasure (Face to Face)

Just finished a session in the Reading for Pleasure group and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading extracts from “A Thousand and One Nights” over the last few weeks. Reading together like this adds so much more to the enjoyment of the stories. I’m really looking forward to starting on “Wide Sargasso Sea” at the beginning of April. Not only that but the coffee is good and the cake delicious!