Guest Lectures from Dr Cora Beth Fraser and Ellen Boekee MA

Dr Gina May is proud to host two special guest lectures from Dr Cora Beth Fraser and a short four lecture series from Ellen Boekee MA.

Dr Cora Beth Fraser takes a look at the off-beat and quirky world of Creative Classics: from Lego Classicism, comic books and toys, to fine art, video and innovative book forms in her first session. In her second session, Neurodivergent Classics, she looks at what it’s like to be ‘different’ in Classics, and investigates the possible benefits of an unconventional approach to language learning, sensory studies and other areas of our discipline. Book both of Cora Beth’s lectures to receive a 20% discount.

Ellen Boekee MA is presenting a set of four lectures which work together to provide a really in-depth understanding of the importance of death and dying in Rome.  These will be of particular interest to those studying Death and its rituals in Rome. Book all four of Ellen’s lectures in the series to receive a 20% discount.

For more information and to book go to:, email, or call Gina on 07828199547

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