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It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, whatever point of the compass is nearer to you, whether you’re bathed in golden sunshine or blasted by icy gales, Gina May Events’ classes are available online. All you need is your computer and a reliable internet connection. We currently have students from Austria, Canada and sun drenched California to name but a few, so join them, sign up now and get access to learning that will broaden your horizons and unlock the mysteries of the Arts and Classics

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Westgate Quiz #3 Goes from Strength to Strength!

What a great night at the Westgate Quiz! Six teams all vying for the main cash prize and the competition could not be closer. Just a small matter of three points between first and second, all down to some key strategic playing of the Joker and cleaning up on the static table rounds.

A fantastic night replete with humour, music and laughter along with some devilish brain teasing questions. Thank you to all who came and we look forward to seeing you all again next month with the Westgate Quiz #4! 29th April 2019.