Roman Values, Authority and Self – ONLINE


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Roman Values, Authority and Self

10 Weeks Online

This course looks at the Roman Empire from the point of view of the Romans and those that were Romanised by them.  It starts at Actium before moving onto Augustus and his rule.  It then goes on to Pompeii, Ostia and other parts of the Empire such as Greece, Asia, Britain and Africa.  It considers the way in which the Romans presented themselves at home and abroad.  This will be done by looking at a range of evidence including standing and material culture, archaeology, texts, inscriptions, art and coins.  The course ends with fall of Rome and in the East and the West.   

It will be taught through a combination of presentations, workshop analyses of various evidence and discussion.  The course size is limited in order that each participant can contribute comfortably.  If there is sufficient demand, this course will repeat in the evenings.

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