An Introduction to Roman Law


From 3.00pm until 4.30pm



An Introduction to Roman Law
6 weeks - £90

This course offers an insight into selected areas of Roman law.  Status lay at the heart of Rome and so we will start by looking at the Law of Persons and the different gradations of status which were reflected in a myriad of detailed rules which covered, amongst other things, citizenship, slavery, freedmen and foreigners.  Subsequent sessions look at Birth and Death covering burial ground, expenses, wills and one of the most elaborate and complicated areas of Roman law, inheritance.   The Roman Family considers the rights and responsibilities of the pater familas, legitimacy, adoption, guardianship, slaves and property.  Sexual Offences against and committed by the person, rules against promiscuity, rape, adultery and incest will be examined.  Betrothal, Marriage and Divorce covers the legal requirements for marriage, the dowry, ownership of property, procedures around bigamy, divorce and widowhood, the custody of children and maintenance.  Finally, there is a look at Crime which includes a diverse range of crimes such as insulting behaviour, fraud, kidnapping, assault, murder and breach of contract.   This list is not exhaustive. 

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