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Myth as Ornament
Saturday 14th December 2-5pm £35

Most ancient writers who used myth, whether in poetry or prose, did so for another reason: simply because myth offered a familiar base on which to construct or reconstruct literature, in other words to improve old stories or add new stories, simply as entertainment. Even as early as Homer, it seems clear that some stories offered scope for invention, i.e. for the storyteller to add extra literary material: material which was not exactly necessary for the retelling of the episode, but convenient padding which could be added if the poet felt like going on a little longer. Once again we see that we are exploring the boundaries of myth. When does myth stop being myth and become something else? Is it when what is added is not a necessary part of the myth itself?   This course will look at the way in which myth is used by ancient writers and the effect of their manipulation of myth.

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