Myth and the Philosophers – ONLINE


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Myth and the Philosophers
Saturday 22nd February 2020 2-5pm £35

This course will look at what happens when myths are exposed to an urban, leisured society, where education is possible, and the questioning that goes with it.   Myths began to look inconsistent and improbable, even downright immoral. But once they had been found wanting, what could be put in their place? That was the problem faced by thinking men in 5th century Athens. The natural critics of mythology were philosophers, and they emerged in some profusion in Greece from the 6th century, otherwise known as ‘the Greek Enlightenment’. We will look at who the first wave of philosophers were and how they looked for overall explanations of the universe. These men wanted to explain the universe in terms of a single primary substance, very much like a creation myth. They did not necessarily aim to subvert belief in the gods, but they could easily foster a view that the world could be described in material and materialistic terms and that traditional explanations offered in myth were unsatisfactory and unnecessary.

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