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From 3:00pm until 4:00pm

At The Centre

Alpha Road, Birchington, KENT, CT7 9EG


Mindfulness - Wednesdays 3 - 4pm from 6th February 2019
£5 weekly

Being ‘mindful’ is about being fully present in the moment. It is a useful tool in dealing with the fast pace of life in the 21st century helping us to be less reactive and overwhelmed by what is going on around us. Mindfulness is recommended by the NHS as a good way of developing good mental health habits and reducing anxiety.  These weekly sessions will help you to develop and practice the skill of mindfulness and can be carried out either seated or reclining on a yoga mat (not provided).

For more information and to book go to: www.ginamay.co.uk/tickets, email events@ginamay.co.uk, call Gina on 07828199547

(Booking Essential due to limited numbers)