Ovid’s Metamorphoses – Reception and Structure – SOLD OUT


From 10.00am until 1.00pm



Ovid's Metamorphoses - Reception and Structure - ONLINE
Saturday 27th February 2021 10am-1pm

The Metamorphoses is a beautiful tapestry of transformations written in poetic language that brings old and new myths to life in a way that no other text can.  This course will unpick, amongst others, the duality of themes such as love and loss; birth and death; gender and sexuality; morality and monstrosity and anger and desire.  The unremitting and unjust cruelty of the gods demonstrates the harm that comes with great power but Ovid also shows how they can become comedic figures of fun when they lose their dignity through the temptation of amor.  Participants will gain a solid appreciation and understanding of the myths and the nuances which underlie this mercurial poem.

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