Metamorphoses, Animal Myths and Trickster Mythology – ONLINE


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Metamorphoses, Animal Myths and Trickster Mythology
Saturday 12th September 2020 2-5pm £35

In this course we begin with the trickster god Hermes and then look at two famous trickster heroes, Sisyphus and Autolycus. After that we consider the important figure of the Titan Prometheus, and compare him with some Middle Eastern gods which gives us a chance to look at trickery in the Old Testament as well. After that we come back to Greek mythology, looking at the important figure of the goddess as trickster. This takes us to the theme of the trickster as underdog, and we spend some time on the character of Odysseus. We then turn to the rich mythical references in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and look at the many cases of young women changing into trees or birds, pirates into dolphins, rulers into stars and the like. The questions we ask of this text is why the Greeks created so many myths of this type, why they were popular with Classical authors and what kind of view of the natural and supernatural world is implied in them.

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