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Love, Lust and Sex in the Ancient World
10 Weeks £165

This course explores love, lust, sex and other physical and emotional relationships in Ancient Greece and Rome within the political, legal and social backgrounds of the time.  The changing attitudes toward, and the experience of, heterosexual and homosexual relationships will be considered as well as the physical and emotional turmoil of falling, being and staying in love and  how losing love through breakup or bereavement affects the mind and body. The evidence from literature, art and legal documents allows a close and detailed consideration of changing moral attitudes to all aspects of love, lust, sex and other physical relationships.  Sexual assault, prostitution, pederasty, paedophilia and bestiality are also considered.

Please note that some of the evidence that will be examined may be considered pornographic or offensive to the modern point of view, but must be considered in context and of its time.

The class size will be limited to ensure that each participant can comfortably contribute to the discussion and all participants will be provided with a printed course handbook. 

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