History and Context: Fact, Fable and Fabrication


From 7.30pm until 9.00pm



History and Context: Fact, Fable and Fabrication
14 weeks - £220

This course looks at the collection of histories that come together to make up our past.  There are three ways of looking at history: it can be remembered, recovered or invented.  Sometimes it is a mixture of all three – but none of it means anything without context.   So starting with the dawn of writing,  this course goes through Akhenaten and Monotheism; the Persian, Greek and Roman civilisations; into Trojan archaeology with Schliemann; The Old Testament and its Creators; Early Christianity and the Church; The Nature of Islam; The Crusades and Medieval Religion and Man, Disease and the Black Death.  The course also looks at Women and Historical Biography; Culture and Space; History and Literature finishing with The Indo-Europeans and Linguistics. 

Participants need no prior knowledge of any of the periods covered, all the readings and images required will be contained in the course handbook.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and there is the option of doing an essay at the end of the course which means that the certificate will contain a class mark.

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