Herodotus’ Histories – ONLINE


From 2.00pm until 5.00pm



Herodotus' Histories - ONLINE
Saturday 11th April 2020 2-5pm

Herodotus offers a conceptual mapping of the world and the Greeks’ place in it.  The Histories is an extraordinary piece of literature following in the footsteps of the Ionian natural scientists and travellers who had collected information about the natural world.  The Histories achieved this but went further still, introducing information they did not have.  Other lands, their position and relationship to Greece were all of importance in helping the Greeks understand their place in the world.  This seminar does the same for participants through a close reading of various parts of the text including amongst others: Cyrus and the rise of Persia, Herodotus on tyranny, Sparta, Marathon, Salamis and the theft of élite women by foreign powers.  Participants do not need to have read the whole of the Histories to attend this seminar but a good overall view of the text would be useful.

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