Ovid’s Heriodes


From 2.00pm until 5.00pm



Ovid's Heriodes - ONLINE
Saturday 5th September 2020 2-5pm

Ovid brings us the unsent letters of 15 women who had no voice to rage the men who hurt, betrayed and humiliated them. Dido speaks to Aeneas of her love burning like torches of wax with sulphur and asks ‘do I not wrongly rate you?’  Sappho talks to Phaon of the beauty that lay in ambush for her eyes. While Hypermnestra’s heart is struck with fear remembering that night ‘profaned with blood’ and Briseis’ tears have the weight of words.  A further 6 are pairs of letters between lover and beloved.  This seminar will be a close reading of the letters to give the women a voice and look at the acts that caused such pain and anguish.  Participants are advised to make themselves familiar with the letters before the day and have a paper or online copy to hand for discussion.

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