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The Greek Novels
10 Weeks £165

Greek myths and legends contain stories of gods and heroes often forming the basis of poetry, lyric or drama.  The Greek Novels, however, are written in a fundamentally different way.  They are in narrative prose and full of creative ideas and are as sufficiently similar to fiction that they have been categorised under this genre in modernity.  The peak of their popularity came in the second century A.D. with the latest of them being written about a thousand years after the earliest epic.  This 10 week course covers the novels of Chariton; Xenophon of Ephesus; Achilles Tatius; Longus; Heliodorus; Pseudo Lucian; Lucian, Pseudo Callisthenes; Antonius Diogenes; Iamblichus; the anonymous author or The Story of Apollonius, King of Tyre and a range of fragments.  Each week will feature one of these novels looking at the way in which the story develops, its motifs and tropes.  Participants will need to by the set book Collected Ancient Greek Novels edited by B.P Reardon which is available new/second hand on Amazon and prepare for each class by reading the relevant source.

The class size will be limited to ensure that each participant can comfortably contribute to the discussion. This course is run on Wednesdays from 17th June 2020 except the last session which will be on Monday 17th August 2020 at 7.30pm-9pm.

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