The Lives and Loves of Ancient Egyptian Women – ONLINE


From 4:00pm until 5:30pm



The Lives and Loves of Ancient Egyptian Women - ONLINE - Tuesdays, 4pm-5:30pm, starting from Monday 4th November  2019
6 weeks - £75

In this course you will learn about the lives, loves and power of Ancient Egyptian Women. The lives of Pharaohs are well documented but what about the women behind that power? By examining the lives and loves of the women, you will learn about how the power system worked as well as the intimate details of their lives. The way they dressed, their makeup and jewellery, their intimate hygiene and gynaecology.

You will also learn about the little known female Pharaohs – such as Hatshepsut who wore a false beard and of course the enigmatic Cleopatra. The power of Nefertiti and her sister Mutnedjemet upon the changing face of Egyptian religion and the change from worshiping Amun to Aten – hence the name of the well-known Pharaoh Tutank-amun.

This course runs for 6 weeks during which we will look at literature, inscriptions and images from the time.

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