Aspects of Asclepius in Numismatics and Literature – ONLINE


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Aspects of Asclepius in Numismatics and Literature - 
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The winding serpent of Asclepius has been the recognised emblem of medicine for over two thousand years.  It can be seen in a variety of mediums, from the inscriptions of Ancient Greece to the logo of the World Medical Association in the twenty-first century.  The snake is a symbol of regeneration and is a prominent feature in the cult of Asclepius.  The practices surrounding the cult have been well documented so this course takes a different approach and concentrates on numismatic representations of Asclepius and the ancient texts they reflect. 

We will start with the birth of Asclepius and look at what we can find out about his life up to the time when he was invited to go to Rome from Epidaurus. We will look at some of the images of Asclepius and compare them with the motifs that were placed on coins from Greece and Rome and see what can be understood about the rationale for these images in the written word.  The texts we will consider will be both Greek and Roman, ranging from Homer in the eighth century BC to Pausanias in the second century AD.

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