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Academic Practice
6 weeks - £75

This course is intended to teach students the academic practices required for study at undergraduate and postgraduate level with particular reference to Classical and Archaeological Studies. Practical skills such as the use of IT for word processing, referencing and research will be combined with the more complex issues of argument synthesis, analysis of primary evidence and written expositions. This course will help you to develop the skill of selective reading; be able to analyse the usefulness of secondary sources and the issues surrounding different translations of the texts. It will also assist with recognising the themes and genres of Classical Literature, and Ancient History, and methods of historical interpretation. It will assist participants in developing an understanding of the appropriate and diverse range of primary and secondary materials and of the appropriate methods of interpretation. The ultimate aim is for students to be able to develop the academic practice skills in order to make written expositions with structured and coherent arguments, according to accepted academic conventions. Students will be asked to complete and submit short pieces of homework each week relating to the topic of the classes which will take approximately 1 hour per week.

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