Consummated Rape in Greek and Roman Comedy – ONLINE


From 2.00pm until 5.00pm



Consummated Rape in Greek and Roman Comedy - ONLINE
Saturday 13th June 2020 2-5pm

One of the many plot devices in Greek and Roman Comedy is rape.  Satyros describes it as: ‘…virgins raped, changelings, recognition by means of rings and necklaces, all this then constitutes new comedy’.  Out of the 45 extant Greek and Roman New Comedies, 17 contain a ‘consummated rape’.  These plays all have recurring motifs of: festival; drinking wine; rape of ‘country-girl’; father rebukes rapist; girl and rapist meet and fall in love and a baby either brought out of hiding or born shortly after marriage.  This seminar will examine this concept in the plays of Menander, Plautus and Terence and will endeavour to uncover why, and whether, this was such a popular, and ‘funny’ part of Roman Comedy.

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