Aspects of Iphigenia


From 10.00am until 1.00pm



Aspects of Iphigenia - ONLINE
Saturday 10th October 2020 10am-1pm

Iphigenia is primarily known as the daughter that Agamemnon sacrificed to raise the wind that would take the Greeks to Troy.  But there is far more to her than that.  In some myths she dies under the knife of her father and in others she is whisked away either to Aulis or to become the wife of Bacchus.   This seminar will explore the character of Iphigenia together with her treatment and reception by ancient and modern authors.  We will carry out a close reading of the primary sources in which she features and explore the myths that would have been known to the audiences and ancient playwrights to delve deep into the actual, and the concept, of Iphigenia.

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